Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring Blooms

Here are a few snaps of the blooms from around the house this spring.  Hope you enjoy!






Monday, April 3, 2017

Easy Easter Egg Wreath

Hello All,

With Easter Sunday quickly approaching, I wanted to share this simple Easter Egg wreath I put together for around $5.  I already had a grapevine wreath on hand, so all I did was hot glue some pretty eggs I found (marked 40% down) at "Michaels". 

A couple weeks ago, I found these wreaths at  TJ Maxx that were $24.99 each. These are a great option if you are looking for something ready made. .

If you are like me and want to save money every chance you can, don't be afraid to give "DIY" a try. My total investment was about 10 minutes of time and $5 for the eggs

Wishing Everyone a very Happy Easter!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bat Cake for a 7th Birthday

One thing being a mother has taught me is that you can never guess what will come next. Last year I would have never guessed that my son would want a "Bat" theme for his 7th birthday celebration. That's right "Bats" was our theme, not "Batman".

7th Birthday

A couple of months ago my son became fascinated with "Bats" after a science lesson in school.   He got excited about the way they hang upside down to sleep, use echo location to find their food, and they are the only mammal that flies.  All of these neat things are good reason to be excited about "Bats", so I set about planning the "Bat" cake by searching "Pinterest".  I went with a design that utilizes two round cake pans (which I had on hand).  Here is a link to the "Pinterest" inspiration cake by "Homan on Home", Bat Cake .

I used a cake mix and store bought frosting to cut down on my prep time.  Instead of piped frosting for the face, I used marshmallows and chocolate chips  to create the eyes, nose, and mouth.  The cake was a big hit with my son, so mission accomplished.

I wonder what will be next year's theme?

Here is the recap of the birthday cakes I have made for my oldest son so far.  I don't have a picture of the cake from his 1st birthday (shame on me), but here are the rest.






On a side note....... Spring seems to finally be here.  My Camellia bush opened its first blooms yesterday.

Happy Spring!

I will be back soon with another post showing how I just made a super easy egg wreath for Spring/Easter.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Brownies with Heart

Happy Valentines Day!  Wishing everyone a fun day with the ones you love.  Here is a simple treat I made for my family. I just whipped up some brownies (from a store bought mix) and then I added a little powdered sugar heart to make them special for Valentine's Day.  You can make your own heart template from paper then sift some powdered sugar over the brownie for a sweet treat.

Below are some treats with recipe links from year's past.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Holiday Home 2016

Here are a few snap shots of the holiday decor around the house this year.  

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, July 1, 2016

A Change of Art

Recently I have been doing some art swapping around the house.  I had been looking for something nice to hang between the two vanity sinks in our recently renovated master bath.  One day it occurred to me that maybe I should look at pieces I already own.  This is my go to tactic when looking for a spruce up while still trying to be thrifty with funds.  I swiped these gray and white floral silhouettes that used to hang over the bed.

I really love these prints in their new location.   It is a much needed pop of interest for the vanity wall.

Hydrangea from the garden

In my next post, I will show the new art I found to hang over the headboard.  It only cost me $3.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!


Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Pool Party Cake

My baby boy turned five a couple of weeks ago.  His request was to have a pool party this year.  In planning for his cake, my little guy and I searched through images of "pool party cakes" on "Pinterest".  We found one that gave us inspiration, click here.  Our inspiration cake had a swimmer with dark brown hair which I had to make blonde to match my little guy.  I made the face and fins for the cake with "fondant".  I just did my best to copy the design of my inspiration cake.

The rest of the cake is just a store bought mix and "Aqua Blue" frosting.  The frosting came with the "fish-fetti" sprinkles.  I added some candy pearls to simulate air bubbles and then surrounded the main cake with some mini-cupcakes adorned with gummy sharks and life savers (easy peasy).

Here is a recap of past cakes made for my baby boy.

I wonder what he will want for his cake next year?  Likes and dislikes change so quickly around here it is anyone's guess.