Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Pool Party Cake

My baby boy turned five a couple of weeks ago.  His request was to have a pool party this year.  In planning for his cake, my little guy and I searched through images of "pool party cakes" on "Pinterest".  We found one that gave us inspiration, click here.  Our inspiration cake had a swimmer with dark brown hair which I had to make blonde to match my little guy.  I made the face and fins for the cake with "fondant".  I just did my best to copy the design of my inspiration cake.

The rest of the cake is just a store bought mix and "Aqua Blue" frosting.  The frosting came with the "fish-fetti" sprinkles.  I added some candy pearls to simulate air bubbles and then surrounded the main cake with some mini-cupcakes adorned with gummy sharks and life savers (easy peasy).

Here is a recap of past cakes made for my baby boy.

I wonder what he will want for his cake next year?  Likes and dislikes change so quickly around here it is anyone's guess.