Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Have A New House

Well my little boys couldn't be more excited that we have a new house....a tree house that is.  My husband recently reworked a small deck off the back of our garage.  Rather than dispose of the old wood from this deck, he used it to build our boys a tree house in the back yard.  The tree house is simple in design (more old school than mini McMansion).  The boys couldn't be happier with their new digs for play.

On trips to playgrounds my boys love to pretend to take "food orders" at the  play house windows. Now they have their own window ledge where they can take/place orders. My husband and I have lots of ideas to accessorize the tree house, i.e. tarp, bucket/pulley, pennant, etc.  I don't know who is having more fun, the boys or their parents.  I will be back with new posts to update as things shape up. Meanwhile I have a new favorite place to read, relax, and watch the boys enjoy the tree house.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Garland (Easy Craft for Toddlers)

 I thought it would be fun to get my toddler boys involved in an art project for fall. 

I "Google" searched "leaf outlines" and found several nice options for printing.  I used some cream colored card stock, that I had on hand, to print out four sheets of the "leaf outlines" I found on "Google". 

I then set my little artists free to color in the leaves.  We used "Crayola's Washable" paint so I wouldn't have to worry about clean up.  My boys used a mix of sponges and brushes to create their masterpieces.  After the paint dried, I cut the leaves out.  I put a small slit in the middle of each leaf so I could string them with twine as a garland.   I attached them to the backs of the chairs at the kid table, so they could be enjoyed at kid friendly eye level. 

Have you done any fall crafting yet?  I would love to see and/or hear about your projects.  Just reply back in the comments section below.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Harvest Recap 2014

As the nights take on the chill of Fall, I realize that the days of my garden and the remaining harvest are growing short.  Above is a photo of the raised garden on the deck.  I have some cherry tomatoes ripe and green ones on their way.  Tomatoes have been my hardiest crop this year.  Below is a recap of the other crops harvested from the 2014 garden.

First we had sugar snap peas, then carrots, lastly came watermelons and lots and lots of tomatoes. This is just the first of Fall, but I am already dreaming about the things we can grow in next year's garden.