Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Garland (Easy Craft for Toddlers)

 I thought it would be fun to get my toddler boys involved in an art project for fall. 

I "Google" searched "leaf outlines" and found several nice options for printing.  I used some cream colored card stock, that I had on hand, to print out four sheets of the "leaf outlines" I found on "Google". 

I then set my little artists free to color in the leaves.  We used "Crayola's Washable" paint so I wouldn't have to worry about clean up.  My boys used a mix of sponges and brushes to create their masterpieces.  After the paint dried, I cut the leaves out.  I put a small slit in the middle of each leaf so I could string them with twine as a garland.   I attached them to the backs of the chairs at the kid table, so they could be enjoyed at kid friendly eye level. 

Have you done any fall crafting yet?  I would love to see and/or hear about your projects.  Just reply back in the comments section below.


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