Monday, July 23, 2012

Yipee....Garden Bench is Done!

Many thanks to my husband for finishing up the garden bench!  To recap: he added new stretcher boards from leg to leg for stability, sprayed the bench with primer, and then finally sprayed the bench with the top coat of color.  The paint color is "Tropical Oasis" from Valspar paint, which you can find at Lowes.  I love the pop of turquoise blue in this area.  The bench, that was close to going to the dump, now has new life and is one of my favorite items.

Bench Before Paint

A new bloom on our $5 rose bush we planted last week.

While I was out shooting pictures of the bench, I also took some shots of the potted flowers around the house.

Look how the water beads on our deck since we stained it. 

trailing plants out of control....yes there is a pot under all of that "creeping jenny"


  1. The decking looks great! well done, I was wondering, the plant above the creeping jennie, what on earth IS it!? it looks lovely and I recon it would look great against our orange shed :)

  2. Thanks for your comments, the common name for this plant is "purple heart". The scientific name is Setcreasea pallida. I found this plant at "Lowes". I think is would be lovely against an orange shed.