Saturday, July 28, 2012


A turquoise and purple bracelet I made a couple of weeks ago.

A classic black & white bracelet I had to re-work.  I made this originally several years ago, but the center bead got broken, so I had to find a replacement and restring.

I have been very busy lately chasing my two boys (the youngest of which is now walking) and working the job that gives me a pay check, so I haven't been as regular with my blog posts.  In an effort to catch up, I have put together a "postpourri" with a couple weeks worth of projects that I failed to post.

As you can see above, I have been making some bracelets.  I have also been gathering a lot of goodies from the garden.

The first cucumber from the garden 7-11-2012!

Lots of tomatoes.
I have also been trying to make new recipes with my bounty of vegetables, especially the tomatoes.  Any recipe ideas are appreciated.
Making bean soup with tomatoes fresh from my garden.

The big project at our house right now is the basement renovation.  My husband has been working diligently on this every night and I will start posting the progress shots soon.  Have a great weekend!

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