Thursday, July 19, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Paint Color Chips (Inspiration/Ideas for our old bench)
In my last post, I mentioned that we plan to paint an old bench (inherited when we bought our house) to place next to our privacy trellis with our Mandevilla and newly planted rose bush.   The above paint chips are a preview of what is to come.  The turquoise paint chips are inspiration colors.  Below is a picture of my husband spraying the bench with primer.  The two new boards stretching from leg to leg were added to give the bench some stability (it used to sway and wobble a bit).

Spraying the Primer Coat

Rain has delayed the final "color" coat of paint, but hopefully we can wrap this up tomorrow or at least this weekend sometime.  In addition to the bench project and holding down his day job, my husband has continually been working on renovating our basement (more to come on this in future posts).

I made some baby gifts, chased my own two babies, worked my day job (part-time interior designer), and baked some cookies for a sale to benefit our local children's hospital.
Monogrammed Baby Bib (Gift for Neighbor's Expected Grandchild)

Yummy...Chocolate Chip Cookies

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