Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A New Succulent Garden

my new succulent garden

Well sadly, my aloe plant that I have loved for over five years is no longer.  The plant outgrew itself and pieces started breaking off due to sheer weight overload.  I moved the aloe plant off of the dining table and over to a nearby chest.  I wasn't thinking how this would put the aloe in reach of my two year old until it was too late.  Innocent curiosity from my son finished the aloe plant off in one quick tug.

Overgrown Aloe, about a week before it started breaking under its own weight.

Being one not to dwell on this loss, I quickly decided it was time for me to try a succulent garden.  I've noticed several of the magazines I read, have  featured succulent gardens recently. 

I found some really neat succulent plants at Lowes.  The tallest plant is called "blue chalk sticks".  This plant is aptly named, because that is exactly what it looks like.  The smaller plant in the foreground is a sedum.  I added two moss roses on each side of my pot.  I had these moss roses left over from a six pack that I purchased for my new pallet planter.  My total investment was just $7 + tax. 

Hopefully with some tlc I can get several years of enjoyment out of this arrangement (keeping my fingers crossed).

Any tips for caring for a succulent garden?

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