Friday, August 23, 2013

A Gallery Wall


My new family photo gallery wall.  (photos of my children purposely blurred)
For years I have admired the  "gallery walls" that I've seen in magazines and idea houses.  One of my all time favorite installations is the "gallery wall" at the "Southern Living" magazine's "Tucker Bayou" idea house from 2007.

Source: Southern Living Idea House 2007, Tucker Bayou

The  installation in the HGTV's 2013 Smart Home is also pretty amazing.
Here is what my stair hallway looked like before I added the gallery wall.

Bare & Boring
In order to hang the (9) pictures straight, I first cut paper to the sizes of the frames and taped them to the wall.  I marked the location for the hangers right on the paper, and then I just nailed my hangers right into these marks.  Out of all (9) frames, I only had to adjust the location of one hanger.
Taping up Paper Templates of the Frames

(Photos of my children purposely blurred); I don't share these on the web.
 Always being budget conscious, I found my frames at "Michaels" on a buy one get one sale.  The cost of each matted frame was $20, but with the bogo sale, they were just $10/each.  I also waited for my favorite online print shop, "Winkflash", to have a sale on their poster prints.  I got all (9) of my 11"x14" black and white prints for just $38 shipped.  All and all for less than $150 I now have a chic wall of memories.

To finish the upstairs hallway, I am still searching for a new rug and light.

For more "gallery wall" inspiration, you can check out my "Pinterest" board, click here.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


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