Thursday, August 21, 2014

Big Boy Bed for a Sweet Little Boy & A Bookcase To Boot!

My little boys are growing up way too fast.  It is with mixed emotions of happy/sad that I announce our house no longer has any cribs or toddler beds.  I am glad to see my boys enjoy all the fun of being toddlers, but part of me wishes I could keep them small forever.  Last week we switched my youngest son from his toddler bed to a "big boy" bed.  We loved the simple/classic design of our "Graco Lauren" crib.  First it was a great crib, then we converted it to a toddler bed, and now we are using the back as a headboard (truly a full circle piece).

Bedding Details:

1.  I found some super soft "microfiber" plaid sheets at "Ross" for just $9/set.
2.  The teal blue bedspread is from "Target". 
3.  A must for protecting your mattress with little ones, the "Aller Ease" waterproof mattress cover.

As luck would have it, I was  able to get a bookcase for my sweet little guy to go along with the "big boy" bed.  This bookcase used to be mine when I was growing up.

When I was young, I went through a "cherub/angel" motif design phase (it really was popular at the time). Appealing to my "cherub/angel" love, my Mom kindly stenciled a bookcase for me with angels on top.  While I still greatly appreciate real angels, the decorative cherub/angel motifs are not on my design radar any more.

My Dad graciously agreed to sand down the "angel" stencil, so I could put on a fresh coat of "boy friendly" paint.  I used the "Valspar" color "Vintage Teal" to tie in the color of the bedspread.
Three coats later, my little guy now has a good place to store all the books he loves.

It is so much fun to spruce up a child's room!


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