Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Star Wars Birthday Party

Not so long ago (a couple of weeks) in a galaxy not too far away (ours), my oldest son turned 5.  Right now he and his fellow preschool classmates are enthused about everything to do with Star Wars.  I am also a fan, so it was easy for me to get excited when he requested a "Star Wars" themed party.  I went to my go to source, "Pinterest", for party inspiration and I was not let down.  I found links to free printable book marks, party favor tags, and labels to make "R2D2" water bottles.

If you are thinking about a "Star Wars" themed party, then here are links to the free printables seen above.

"Pottery Barn" Yoda Party Favor Labels 
"Droid Water Bottle Labels"
"Star Wars Bookmarks"  these were included in the party favor bags.

Following tradition, I made the birthday cake.  Per the birthday boy's request, I used rainbow sprinkles in the cake mix and vanilla icing.  I decorated the outside of the cake with blue sprinkles and candy stars.  I found the Star Wars figurines at "Toys R Us".  They are part of the "Playskool Heroes Star Wars" collection, exclusive to "Toys R Us".

To recap here are pictures of cakes from years past.  Unfortunately, I never got a good picture of his 1st birthday cake. It was a cake with a dinosaur made out of fondant.

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4
Year 5
Best Birthday Wishes!


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