Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Transformer (Rescue Bot) Party for My Boy!

My baby boy is now four and he loves the "Transformer Rescue Bots".  He wanted everything "Rescue Bots" for his party.

Cake Details:
The cake is a two-layer "Pillsbury Fun-Fetti" mix with "Bumble Bee" yellow frosting. My son requested that "Blades" be on top of the cake with all the other "Rescue Bots" around the base.  I picked up some "Transformer" mini-cupcakes at the store to sprinkle in around the bots at the base.


I found "how-to" instructions for the blue/yellow balloon helix on the "Party City" website, click here for the link. 

Napkins & Masks
I picked up the "Transformer" napkins and masks at "Walmart".  I attached the masks to the party favor bags (inside the favor bags were water squirters and bubbles).

Water Bottles
I ordered some personalized labels from this store on "Etsy". They send you a digital file for the labels, then you print and attach to the water bottles.

We had the party at our local "Wallabies", which is filled with inflatable bouncy houses for endless jumping/sliding fun.  The birthday boy had a great time and is already talking about plans for the next birthday party.  My boys are growing up too quick.

Here is a quick recap of Samuel's birthday cakes;

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year


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  1. I can't believe Samuel is 4 years old! Great jobs on all your cakes and making their day so special :)