Monday, April 11, 2016

Turning Six with a Scooby Doo Party

My first born turned six the end of March and he asked for a "Scooby Doo" themed party this year.  In what has become a tradition, I pulled together a cake to go with the theme.  I made a simple cake with white buttercream frosting adorned with "Scooby Doo" graham cracker treats and a paper "Mystery Machine".  You can download your own paper "Mystery Machine" by clicking on this "Pinterest" link, click here.

Inside the cake is filled with an explosion of 70's inspired "Tie-Dye" color.   I found this "Tie-Dye" cake mix from Duff Goldman.  You can get your own mix here.  You blend together the cake mix and then separate into six batches for coloring.  Once the colors are ready you pour them into the center of the cake pan one right over the other creating a rainbow design.

The end result is a tasty cake with groovy "Scooby Doo" inspired flare.

Keeping things groovy, my talented hubby made a "Mystery Machine" photo prop.

-Best Wishes-


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