Monday, November 18, 2013

Pinspiration-"Shadow Puppets"

I have to admit that when I first heard about "Pinterest" I couldn't understand the appeal.  Today, I have come to love "Pinterest" and wonder how I ever found inspiration before, not to mention how helpful it is to organize your ideas (no endorsements here...just love).  There are truly endless resources of creative ideas in the "Pinterest" world.  I thought I would start a new post series where I share some of the projects I have done, based on "Pinterest" ideas. I found this cute shadow puppet inspiration from on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago. 


My boys are now at an age where their imaginations are supercharged.  When I found this pin for "Shadow Puppets" I knew this would be a big hit.  Using a few shortcuts, this project only took about 20 minutes.  The full tutorial can be found at the link above.  Below are my tweaks and shortcuts. 

Just need a printer, card stock, scissors, pencils, and tape

I just used regular clear tape to adhere the paper to the pencils.

 I just printed the shadow images directly onto white card stock and then skipped the step that suggests you line them with black card stock.  I found they work just fine without the lining.  My other tweak was to use some left over Halloween pencils for the handles/stems instead of the cute black/white straws (I just used what I had on hand). You can get all kinds of items for shadow puppets by simply searching for "animal silhouettes" on google.  All you need is a flashlight and some imagination to make this toy come to life. 

Have you been doing any "Pinterest" inspired projects lately.  I would love to hear about them.


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