Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Play Table and a DIY Christmas Garland

Last week I was so excited to find a second hand children's play table and chair set.  Lately, I have been checking out some play tables online.  Some of my favorites are shown below:

Land of Nod, Activity Table

Pottery Barn Kids, Carolina Craft Table
Needless to say when we walked into a local second hand store and found this solid wood table and set of chairs for just $65 with coupon, I was very excited.  The table comes with a paper roll holder, which we quickly removed because it was too much fun for my little boys to hang on (I am saving this for later).  This table is perfect for eating and crafts.  My little guys have already broken this in with Play-Doh time, cars, painting, snacks, and crafts w/Mommy.

Our latest craft was a child's Christmas garland.  I was inspired by these easy garland ideas in my December issue of "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine. Like the BHG garland, I used striped drinking straws.  Instead of using wood beads as a filler, I found these holiday felt cutouts at "Michael's" (w/ 50% off coupon it was just $3.50 for the set of cut outs).

Materials: Paper Drinking Straws (cut in thirds), Twine, Felt Cut-Outs, Child's Needle

Easy Peasy

Is anyone else making DIY garland this year.  I eventually plan to use this garland on our tree when we pick one up.

Wishing everyone Merry Crafting!


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