Friday, May 9, 2014

In Bloom (May)

This year one of my goals is to focus on beautifying our outdoor space.  I have been busy pulling weeds (the never ending chore) and a couple of weeks ago John and I spread out some fresh mulch.  We have some well established rhododendron bushes and azaleas that are currently in bloom.  The blooms are really nice this year, so I wanted to share some images.

Drawing from inspiration found in garden magazines, I have been busy putting together some potted plants around the deck which I hope will flourish this summer.

Above is a pot mixed with climbing white Mandevilla, purple wave Petunias, and Dusty Miller. I put together a bamboo trellis for the Mandevilla to climb up.  If the Mandevilla grows beyond this trellis, I plan to wrap it around the deck railing.  I had good success with this pink Mandevilla a couple of years ago. 

I found some Dahlias on the clearance rack at "Lowes" marked down to a $1/plant.  I purchased two of these plants and mixed in some Dusty Miller for this pot.  After a bit of TLC the Dahlias have really perked up.

Lastly, I picked up some coconut liners and hanging baskets from the "Dollar Tree".  Can you believe I got two baskets and two liners for just $4.  I put some shade loving Begonias and greenery in these baskets and hung them next to our patio below the deck.

Has anyone else been working their green thumb this spring?  Any plans for gardening this weekend?

Wishing all a great weekend!


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