Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Bedding

Cleaning a king size comforter is a real chore.  They are too big to fit in a standard size washing machine, which leaves you to either make a trip to the laundry mat for an  industrial size washer (inconvenient) or the dry cleaner (expensive).  I have been on the hunt for a duvet cover that I could use to cover my existing comforter and then easily throw in the washing machine when it gets soiled. This is a real convenience with two small children and a dog in the house.  After shopping and watching for sales, I finally found a reasonably priced duvet cover for the master bedroom that I love. My find was on clearance at "West Elm".  I love the stripes of gray, turquoise, and green in this "Playa Stripe" duvet cover.

 As you have heard, "one thing always leads to another".  Once I had the new duvet in place, I needed new pillow shams.  I found some coordinating turquoise and green fabric 40% off at my local "Bernina In Stitches" store.  It took 2 yards of fabric and 40 minutes to make these shams with an envelope closure. I first sewed together my envelope pillows and then top stitched a 1-1/2" border for a "flange edge".

It always nice to switch things up a bit.  The new colors are nice for summer and I am really thrilled that I can just throw this duvet cover in my washing machine whenever it gets dirty.  Here's to hoping it holds up well (a tall order in this house).


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