Friday, June 27, 2014

Homemade Medical Kit

My fascination with making toys/toy accessories seems to be never ending.  My go to material is always felt.  I found some medical kits at the "Dollar Tree", for yes just $1. The kit consists of a stethoscope, syringe, clamp, ID bracelet, reflex hammer, and scissors.  All of the little pieces were hard to keep up with, so I went to my sewing room and picked up some sheets of felt.  I folded a sheet in half-lengthwise and sewed all the sides together.  I then folded over one edge and cut out the handle.  I added a red cross to finalize the design.

To add to the fun, I put together some slide-on "casts" out of left over fleece.  I made one cast large (for Mom/Dad) and a small (for brother). My boys are enjoying taking care of each other with their new medical kits.

Nothing is more fun to watch than the active imaginations of children.  Hope your weekend is full of play.

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