Sunday, June 10, 2012

Party for One

I am updating this post, because I just linked it to the Young House Love "Pinterest Challenge".  This is a challenge where you take a "to do" project from your Pinterest boards and actually do it.  This project is actually a couple of weeks old, but hopefully that won't matter.  I got the inspiration for my son's first birthday cake from pinterest images I collected over a couple of months.  Here is the link to my pinterst board: 
I never thought I could make a nice decorative cake, but thanks to some "pinspiration", I was pleased with the end result.

The party is for one special baby boy.  It is hard to believe that my youngest son is now one.  To celebrate his birthday I made him a rubber ducky cake.  He always loves to play with the rubber ducky in the bath, so it seemed fitting to use this for his party theme. Being a busy Mom, I used a cake mix, "Swiss Chocolate" by "Betty Crocker", instead of baking it from scratch.  I made a two layer 9" round cake.  I frosted the cake with pre-made frosting.  I then used "Wilton's" pre-made blue fondant to cover the cake.  I added some blue food coloring to the excess fondant to roll out some rubber ducks and circles that I placed on the side of the cake. I added some frosting "bubbles" to the top and sides of the cake and then I placed the real rubber ducks on top.  I purchased some cupcakes from the "Sam's Club" bakery.  I had requested they frost them in blue with a dollop of white frosting.  Thirty cupcakes only cost me a little over $13 dollars. To add to the ducky theme, I made candy ducks from a "Wilton" ducky mold and "Wilton" candy melts.  Once I picked up the cupcakes, I just plopped the candy ducks into place.

Just for the record, this is only the third decorative cake I have made.  The other two cakes were for my older son's first and second birthday.  I hope to keep improving my techniques with each birthday.  It is a lot of fun to create something special for your children.

Oldest Son's Second Birthday Party 2012, Photo by: Beth Duncan

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