Friday, June 1, 2012

Pop...Goes the Garden (Peas & Squash)

The latest goodies brought in from the garden are the Sugar Snap Peas. I picked these this morning with my oldest son.  My youngest son was taking his morning nap.  The peas I picked ranged between 2-1/2 to 3"long and had really full pea pods.  There are several other pea pods that will be ready for picking soon.

We have had a great season of rain and warm weather and our little garden isn't so little anymore.  Our goal was to get the biggest yield possible from our small space.  So far I have harvested radishes, romaine lettuce, and now sugar snap peas.  It is hard to believe that it is only June 1st and the season is really just beginning.  I have several green tomatoes on the vines and the squash plants are flowering.

Green Tomatoes

Flowering Squash

John and I sampled some raw sugar snap peas tonight.  They were delicious.  I plan to steam them with some seasoning for our dinner tomorrow night. 

The tomato plants are about 2' higher than my cages.  I had to add some extra supports to keep them upright.  I had no idea that these plants could get so big.  I have already moved the marigolds to give the tomatoes more space; hopefully they won't outgrow my space.

I expect to be sharing harvest photos of squash, tomatoes, and sweet peppers soon.

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