Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pave the Way!

Our New Paver Stone Pathway
Area Before

Area with the new paver pathway to the gate.
 Our house's landscaping has been largely ignored since we moved in.  Our main focus over the past two years has been on interior renovations, but the call of the wild could be ignored no longer.  John decided to create a path from the deck off the garage to the fence gate in our back yard.  The first step was to dig out the ground deep enough for the pavers, stone base, and sand.  This was a very labor intensive task that John completed in a couple of hours last Wednesday.  After digging everything out it was time to purchase our paver stones.  We ended up with the "countryside" collection by Lowes.  We were fortunate to find that Lowe's had all their paver stones on sale this past Memorial Day weekend. 

Laying the Paver Base and Edging
Outling the pathway with border pavers. 

After all the digging was done, John used a compressor to compact the area.  A layer of paver stone and sand were laid down prior to placing the stones.Once the paver pattern was established it was just a matter of laying down the paver stones and making the edge cuts as necessary. Once all of the pavers were laid, John installed a paver sand cement.  This product is a good way to hold the pavers in place.  A little retaining wall, a few zinnias/marigolds and presto chango the backyard is starting to shape up.

Laying our the design.

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