Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artwork Update for Main Floor Bathroom

As mentioned in my previous post on our main floor bathroom renovation, I have been searching for some insect art to put on the walls.  It turns out, I didn't have to look far.  I found these beautiful hand drawn/painted butterfly prints that a good friend made for me several years ago.  The pictures had been buried in a closet from our move two years ago.  My friend is a wonderful artist and I am glad to find a place for these to hang in our new house.  The butterfly art was given to me with some beautiful handmade frames, but they didn't have any glass in them.  Because the bathroom will have moisture, I wanted to re-frame them with glass for protection. I found some buy one get one frames at Michael's and I think they really compliment my friends work.  I might still add another piece of insect art to another wall in this room, but for now I am happy with the update.  It is really fortunate to be blessed with such talented friends.

Prints in Original Handmade Frames/Mat

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