Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our First Harvest from the Garden

Wow, I couldn't be more excited.  This morning my oldest son and I went outside to check on the garden.  We have been blessed with a lot of rain and everything is growing really fast!  To my delight there were several red balls popping out of the dirt:  yeah, we have radishes!

My First Harvest from My First Garden!

Radishes before they were washed.

Garden 4-12-2012 (Look How Big the Tomatos and Romaine Lettuce are Getting)
Everything is growing really well except my cucumbers which are lagging behind.  I planted some cucumbers from seed and I also bought a plant.  They don't seem to be growing much at all.  If they don't take off soon, I may try buying another plant.  I really love cucumbers.

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