Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Renovations at New House (Main Floor Bath)

Post Renovation
The latest renovation completed at our house is the main floor bathroom.  This bathroom has two doors. One door opens to the main floor bedroom.  The other door opens to the entry foyer. As with all of the spaces in our 80's house, the original vanity cabinet was oak with brass hardware. We went back with a maple cabinet with a dark espresso finish.  Our house has stained wood doors and hardwood floors throughout.  The wood is too nice to paint, so we are working with it.  We selected an espresso finish so the wood tones wouldn't compete with each other.  We are still searching for the new hardware in this space.  Before there was a big wall mirror with no pizazz, we found a new framed mirror for only $40 at TJ Maxx.  The old paint color was a peachy tone.  Apparently our house was previoulsy covered in wall paper.  Fortunately the realtor had recommended removing all the wall paper to make for an easier sell.  Unfortunately, they painted the whole house a peachy toned paint.  Our new paint color is "Taupe Tone" from Sherwin Williams.  We used the "Harmony" paint, because it is zero VOC (better for your lungs and environment).  The previous home owner had already upgraded the light fixture.  I would have probably selected a different light fixture, but this one is too nice to change right now.  To keep things in budget, we selected a remant piece of  "Juparana" granite.

Oak Heaven

The breakdown of upgrades in this space are as follows:  new wall paint (thanks Dad), a new cabinet (custom due to the angled walls), undermount sink, granite countertop, low-flow Kohler toilet, and super budget friendly mirror find from TJ Maxx.  We are currently using the shower curtain and rug from our old condo's master bath.  I am working on finding some insect art for this room.  I don't know why, but I really want to find some neat insect prints for this space.  My friend/colleague found some neat ones in an ETSY shop.  I just need to pin down which insects I want to order and find some budget friendly frames.

More After Photographs!

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