Friday, May 25, 2012

It All Comes Out in the Wash!

The very first renovation project at our current house was to update the laundry.  I'd never had a laundry room before, so I felt lucky just to have a space dedicated for this purpose.  The bad thing about our laundry room was the pink wall paper, vinyl floor, and laundry sink (straight out of a scary movie).
Yucky Vinyl_ Wall Paper had just been stripped in this photo.

Scary Movie Laundry Sink!

Old Pink Wallpaper and Hot Water Tank

 The first thing to go was the wall paper.  My husband soaked the paper down with a water bottle and diligently scraped it away.  The walls were then primed with "Killz" and then we painted.  The paint color is "Silvermist" by Sherwin Williams'.  I thought this color would be nice and serene for a laundry.  The second major undertaking was the floor.  Despite having a one month old baby, my husband ambitiously took on the task of replacing the vinyl with a porcelain tile.  The hot water tank was replaced with a tank less system which really opened up the floor space in this room.The other big project in the room was the cabinetry which my husband made from scratch.  This was his first cabinet making experience and I think he even surprised himself with how well it turned out.  He made a custom shelf next to the new laundry sink for me to slide my laundry baskets on.  I actually get two baskets in this space.  One on the shelf and one on the floor.  I made a simple curtain for the shelves to hide the baskets yet keep them easy to grab. 

Recently I added the pin board to the wall above the sink (Pinterest inspired).  I just used a regular cork board that my sister generously gave me a while back for another room.  I put leftover craft paint on the frame and then I painted stripes directly on the cork.  I used a DVD case, good ole "O Brother Where Art Thou", as a simple and easy way to measure the width of my stripes. I just slid the DVD case up and down the frame to mark my lines.  I used painter's blue tape to keep me neat!  This simple addition to the room has given me a spot to pin photos, a calendar, and all of those invitations/service reminders that seem to get stacked up in piles everywhere. This is our main entry/exit for the house, so this is a good spot to post reminders on the chalkboard plaques that my husband put on the door leading to the garage.  He simply painted some scrap boards with chalkboard paint and adhered them to the metal door with "Liquid Nails" (great stuff).

Below are the photos from making my custom pin board.
Plan Tack Board

Craft Paint

Marking the Lines

Jar is for collecting all those items left in your pockets.  I just wrote on the glass w/ chalk.

This whale is a freebie sticker from Gap Kids.  I finally found a use for it, yipee.

I still need a rug for this space.  I will post and update when I find the right one.

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