Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pretty Peas

I am continuously being amazed at how quickly vegetables can grow.  We had plenty of rain and sunshine last week.  This morning I was happy to see that the sugar snap peas have sprouted their pods. Just a coulple of days ago there were just little white flowers and now we have 2 inch long pods.  I don't think these are quite ready to harvest.  I plan to wait until the peas are a bit fuller before I pick them.  At this rate it shouldn't be too much longer.


  1. Wow, John just showed us pics of this a few weeks ago when you picked your first radishes. I can't believe how fast they grew. I got mine in the ground late, I hope they hurry and grow as well. Can't wait to eat some of the yummyness of home grown,pesticide free, goodness.

    1. It is truly amazing to watch a garden grow. I can't believe how big the tomato and squash plants are getting. I am sure that we will have plenty to share.