Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

My New "Birdie Sling" Bag (Pattern: by Amy Butler)
Sorry...but I couldn't resist the cheesy title for this post.  I always try to get a lot done, but there are definitely times I procrastinate on projects.  I usually put things off for good reasons, i.e sleep deprivation (most common) and also a lack of confidence in my skills.

The pattern and fabric for the bag shown above has been on my shelf begging for attention for over a year.  To put things in perspective, I bought the material and pattern months before my youngest son was born and he is now almost 15 months old.  I have done several sewing projects, but believe it or not this was my first time to use a pattern.  I don't know why, but the  "sewing" terminology and formality of a pattern was intimidating to me.

Well early last week, I decided that I shouldn't buy anymore fabric for projects until I finish the ones I have "waiting in the wings".  I was extra motivated to get into this project after seeing an article in the September issue of my Better Homes & Gardens magazine which featured the house of the pattern's designer, Amy Butler. You can see the Better Homes & Gardens feature on designer, Amy Butler by clicking here.

I opened up my Amy Butler "Birdie Sling" pattern and got to work.  About 8 hours later (spread out over a week), I can now say I have completed a sewing project from a pattern. I picked the fun "Giraffe" fabric, because I plan to use this large bag as an easy carry "diaper bag". 

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