Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Pallet for Planting

I am over the moon excited about the pallet planter my husband made with a little help from our boys.  I am one lucky wife/mother.  A couple of days ago we found this nicely weathered pallet on the curb waiting for the trash truck.  We picked it up and in no time my husband turned it into the swanky planter you see above.

First he cut the pallet into two pieces, then he used the boards on the "material" half of the pallet as the base/bottom for the shelves on the "finished" half.  Once the final boards were hammered into place, he anchored the vertical pallet planter (with a 2'x4') to the side of the steps which lead to our deck.  The last step was to line the shelves with "weed fabric" and potting soil, which you can find in the garden department of any home improvement store.

I plan to start vegetable seeds in the top shelf and add some more flowering plants (probably some trailing ones), but here is what it looks like now.

Vinca Flowers

Adding some Miracle Grow Potting Mix
to the Weed Fabric Lined Shelves
Here are some more Pallet Projects that I found on Pinterest:




Wow, the possibilities within a pallet.  Has anyone else "up cycled" a pallet into something lately?

Have a wonderful weekend,

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