Monday, May 27, 2013

Organizing on a Dime

Garage Sale Find-$3
I was told this is from "The Land of Nod".

Lately I have been on an organizing spree.  I was recently able to pass on several of my boys' baby things which got me kicked in to gear for an organizing clean out.

I will be back with another post on the full clean out results, but for now I wanted to share some really budget friendly things I found for organizing my oldest son's closet.

Pictured above is a closet organizer found at a recent neighborhood garage sale.  This fun guy only cost me $3.  I was going to offer less, but the lady selling this told me it was from "The Land of Nod", Crate & Barrel's children's line, and she seemed unwilling to budge on price.  As you can see, this is great for toys, crayons, slippers/shoes, you name it.  I love the child-like drawings on the pockets and the bright colors.

My second find was some plastic bins from "Dollar Tree".  Yes that is right, "Dollar Tree" has some really cute plastic bins that are perfect for organizing play hats, toys,  and whatever else you can think of.

Whose says organizing a closet can't be fun, good cheap fun? 

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