Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting Organized in the Sewing Room

 A framed peg board to organize my sewing supplies
I am working to get all of my sewing materials organized.  After considering many organization methods, I decided that a peg board would be the most useful tool to help me get things organized and out of reach of my two small boys. My husband used some scrap wood to make a rustic frame for the peg board.  I painted both the frame and peg board one day while my two and three year old rode bikes (....multi-tasking mom).

Now I can keep my sewing tools out of my boys' reach , 
but visible and easy for me to grab.

Another handy item in this room is the new sewing table my husband made.  He just took 2"x4" boards for the table top and used plumbing pipes for the base.  To personalize the top he got the family to stamp their hand prints with different colored paint and then stencil painted our last name.  To keep the surface protected he used a thick clear glaze. This table is extra large to hold both my sewing machine and embroidery machine.  I also have plenty of room to layout and cut fabric.  This table is both functional and filled with personal sentiment...love it!

This little box with the sliding top keeps extra spools of thread handy
With the chest I painted to house my fabrics, things are really starting to shape up in this sewing/guest room.

I recovered this chair with a turquoise and white chevron fabric for a quick and easy update.

Who doesn't love getting more organized!  Has anyone else been organizing lately?

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