Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Great Birthday Gift!

"Impression of Little Hands"
My birthday was this past Friday.  I need not mention how old I am now.  For those of you who know please don't tell and those who don't please guess low.  Anyway, I felt very lucky to receive a piece of custom art that my husband and two boys created for me.  My husband secretly got my boys down to the basement to dip their hands in paint and stamp out their hand prints.  The clever/talented husband then added some abstract lines with some of the leftover spray paint from our garden bench project click here for more info on that project .  The end result is beautiful.  I feel very blessed.


  1. Laura, you obviously have talented and artistic little people. What a wonderful, memorable, and beautiful gift. I'm sure you gave great big kudos to your husband for the idea and courage it took to bring it all together. What a precious gift!
    Dawn Parker

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