Friday, August 17, 2012

Picking Flowers and Laying Pavers

This morning, I took my oldest son to go pick some wildflowers in the backyard (the other baby boy was still sleeping). We picked the flowers, brought them inside, and together we trimmed and arranged them.  The flowers are now brightening up the main floor bathroom.

This past weekend, the big project was operation "De-Weed" the yard and make a new paver pathway.  The new pathway is a shortcut to circumvent the long row of boxwood that lines the sidewalk to our front door.  My husband is an ole` pro now at laying a paver stone pathway.  You can see his first paver project with all of the "how-to" details by clicking here.

Our new shortcut to the front yard!

Digging Out the Path

Stomping Down the Paver Stone Bed

Adding the Sand

The Pavers are Down!

Digging Up Some Liriope from the other side of the yard.

The Liriope used to reside under this Hemlock tree where they didn't get much notice.

New Home for the Liriope aka "Monkey Grass" next to our new pathway.

Who knows what projects we will get into this coming weekend!  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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