Sunday, November 18, 2012

Reclaiming My Iron

As a do-it-yourselfer, you sometimes use items for purposes that you had not originally intended them for.  A good example of this is my iron (yes clothes iron).  Typically you think an iron should be used to get wrinkles out of clothes, but they can also be used to "melt" the outside edge of laminate to a countertop.  When we renovated our first kitchen in our condominum (see picture above), I did just that.  You can see more on our first kitchen renovation by clicking here.  We installed pre-fab countertops that we found at Home Depot.  The instructions for the edging piece was to use your iron to adhere the laminate edge.  The edge adhered well, but there was a black yucky residue left on my iron. 

With some shame, I am  just now getting to the "gunky yuck removal" (sadly, about four years have passed). In my defense, I didn't really think there would be anyway to get this stuff off.  For those who may be concerned about the appearance of my family's clothes, I have been using the iron without issue.  The residue was so well baked on that it didn't come off on our clothes, but recently this has been bothering me, and being too cheap to buy a new iron, I finally took the time to work on this.

In comes my " Bar Keeper's Friend" to the rescue.
The end a shiny (mainly) residue free iron once again!

Just a little elbow grease and this cleansing scrub and I am once again back on the road to household-chore redemption (we won't mention the dusty bunnies that I have yet to defeat).

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  1. Great job at making the iron come back to life and a nice clean shine.