Sunday, January 27, 2013

Everything is Just Beachy!

Clearwater Beach, Florida (December 2012)
Back in December, my family was blessed to be able to vacation in Florida.  It is a real treat  to take a break from the cold and enjoy some warm fun and sun in the winter.  After the past few weeks of snow, freezing rain, and brrrrrrrr cold here at home I am reminiscing back to last month's warm weather. 

I can't go anywhere without noticing good design. It may be a restaurant, hotel, or even a bathroom that catches my eye. On this trip I spied this little ice cream shop with a very swanky vibe. Shamelessly, I walked in off the sidewalk and asked if I could snap some pictures. I didn't even buy any ice cream, but I definitely think this is a cool place to grab a scoop or two.

We had dinner one night at the "Columbia" restaurant.  They had an interesting tile sink in their restroom.  I think this would be a fairly easy do-it-yourself idea for a reasonably inexpensive vanity and top.

Sink sloped to a square drain in the center.
Below are a few more scenes from the trip that caught my eye.

Is anyone else looking forward to spring?

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