Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some Touches of Spring

I know this is just the middle of January, but with a day like today where the temperature was in the seventies it is hard not to think about Spring.  I am sure we have several cold and dreary days of winter ahead, but the following things can see me through:

I.  Tulips from my husband.  We were grocery shopping the other day and he caught me admiring these yellow lovelies and picked them up for me.  For now, these are on display at my entry table. You can read more about my recent entry table design by clicking here.  I replaced the Christmas decorations I had in my wood bowl with some "faux moss stones" that I picked up at Target ($2.48 clearance).

II.  Some new art (this print called "Blossoming Trees" is by the artist Seth Winegar).  This picture was custom framed for me by my friend Mike Morefield with "The Final Touch" in Mountain City, TN.

III.  Some flowering bulbs.  My brother gave me some Paper White bulbs and this glass bowl for Christmas.  I didn't start these until New Year's eve.  I can't believe how fast they are growing.
IV.  Last but not least, I picked up a mini-watermelon at the store.  I usually don't buy these in the winter because I have found they are not often very tasty.  I gave it a try and I am pleased to say this one is delicious.  My boys love this treat.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the nice weather this weekend!

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  1. Laura, your photos are absoultly beautiful! I also love the old keys in the frame. What an interesting touch. Steve D.