Friday, January 18, 2013

Feeling Blessed

The snow that fell yesterday was absolutely beautiful.  I feel blessed that we are able to enjoy it from a warm home ( power outages this storm). For those who did lose power, I hope you have it restored soon without too much hardship.  This snowfall really excited my two boys.  The flakes were huge and came down so fast.  This morning we bundled up and ventured out to make their first snowman.

I had to improvise with some blocks and toy hooks for the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. 

Back inside the paperwhite bulbs that I wrote about in a post last week, click here for full post , have really taken off.  They have already put out some blooms.  These are the fatest growing paperwhite bulbs that I have ever seen, thanks for the Christmas gift brother Steve.

It may be snowing outside, but it is still feeling spring-like indoors.  I am really really blessed.
I hope you all are enjoying whatever the weather is bringing to your door.

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