Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Post on Posts

Earlier this fall, my husband did a bit of sprucing up to the exterior of our house with paint.  The biggest improvement, by far, is our newly painted porch pickets.  When we bought our house the front porch railing looked like this.

The pickets and bottom rail were stained wood and the top rail and support posts were painted.  I never liked the two-toned looked, plus the wood was starting to show weathering (and not in a good way).  We were lucky that the previous home owner left plenty of exterior trim paint for us.  This ended up being a no cost DIY improvement!  My husband also had enough trim paint to put a fresh coat on our garage doors. 

Before the paint went on, there was a good coat of primer to seal the wood and prevent "bleed-through".   Once the primer dried it was time for the paint.

I like the way the cream paint contrasts with the brown brick on our house.  Before the stained wood just blended in with the brick.  This little spruce up really makes the porch feel fresh and clean.

If you noticed the hand laid paver stone pathway in the pictures above and want to know how it was done, you can click here.

Has anyone else been doing some fall sprucing up?

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