Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Freeze Frame

As much as we may sometimes want to, you can't freeze time.  You can however, freeze your child's hand prints in clay.  I picked up a tub of Crayola's "Air Dry Clay" the other day at "Hobby Lobby".  I rolled out a piece and together my husband and I corralled the boys for a hand print.  The clay took about two days to dry.  I had a shadow box on hand that I had picked up  a couple of months ago in a buy one get one for a penny sale at "Michaels". A little double stick tape was all it took to adhere the clay to the shadow box.  I had some left over dark grey linen cardstock from my Silhouette project (see full details on that project here) that I used for the backdrop of the shadow box.

The tulips you see in the bottom of the picture above were purchased to decorate my house for my Dad's suprise birthday party.  Below are some other flowers/decor that I used to spruce up the house.

Have you done any projects recently to preserve memories?  I would love to hear about them.

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